Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limos & Razorbacks

Okay, the harrassment has begun by a dear sweet former co-worker and I'm not mentioning any names (Leisa) that I have not updated the ole blog in a while so here it is. To be quite honest, I've had some technical difficulty with my camera hooking up to my computer. For some reason, my computer isn't recognizing the camera so Michael burned my pictures on a CD for me so here we are!

The following is a post from a while back when I first realized my problem so now I've finally added the pictures to it.

Meredith was one of several top sellers of their fall fundraiser at their school and she got to go on a 15 minute limo ride (thank you to all of the "buyers" out there). I actually thought it would be a longer ride but nonetheless, she didn't know the difference so she had great time. Here in the large metropolis we live in we don't see many limosines around so I don't think she really even knew what to be excited about when I first told her that she would get to ride in one.

Another exciting event that we went to as a family was the Razorback basetball game when they played Missouri State. Michael's Uncle Alan received the tickets from a friend and wasn't going to be using them so he gave him to us (Thank you!) and they were on the first row behind the Razorback bench which was really neat. It wasn't a great view of the court but you could look up on the video screen for replays and the best part was seeing the team interact with the coach. The girls also got to see the mascots up close which was fun and Big Red gave the girls Big Red gum. I must say that one drawback of having two little girls is the fact that the mother always has to take the girls to the bathroom and when you have a bazillion stairs to climb in the basketball stadium it is quite exhausting and at some point I did think I was having a heart attack, not to say that I'm not in excellent physical condition. The positive was that I actually did lose weight that day from all of the exercise.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Halloween was a busy day for us. Meredith had her first awards assembly at school and was inducted into the "ABC club" for being able to recognize all upper and lower case alphabet letters. She was so proud (and so were we).

That evening we headed to church for the annual "Trunk or Treat" in the parking lot which was a lot of fun. After we left church I took the girls to a few houses on our street and as expected they got tons of candy. Probably most of you already know this but Alli absolutely loves candy and basically all things sweet so she was all about this trick or treating thing. Meredith likes it but isn't as focused on the candy. Here are some pictures of the girls. Meredith was Belle from Beauty & the Beast and Alli was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I have also included a picture of Meredith & Alli with their cousins Will & Zach. Will was James the Train from "Thomas the Train" and Zach was a baby scarecrow.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Alli turns 3 !!

The big day finally arrived and Alli turned 3 years old on October 20th. We had a great little party for her and the weather really cooperated. We rented a Princess bounce around for all of the little cousins to play in and they had a big time. The actual theme of the party was "Little People" and that's as in Fisher Price not as in vertically challenged human beings (I think that's politically correct). Anyway, Confectionately Yours did a great job on the cake and it was delicious as usual. We had all of the relatives over from Broken Arrow and this area and had hot dogs, potato salad, etc.

Alli had a tremendous time and loved all of her gifts and eventually I will get the thank you cards sent, I promise. I'm kind of afraid to say this but I really think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as she was a bit more challenging than my oldest as in more strong willed, stubborn, etc. She is getting easier to take out to eat and to the store which is so nice (however, I still prefer to go alone to the grocery store since it is twice as fast so don't get any ideas Michael). She is such a delight and just as you are about to pull your hair out with her she just knows when to come up and say "I love you mama" which goes a long way. I love you too Alli!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here We Come Branson!

From October 12 through the 17th we were rebels and took Meredith out of school that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and spent time in Branson with Michael's parents, Tom & Patty along with his sister Becky and her husband Patrick along with their kids (our nephews) Will and Zach. We did have a great time. We figured Meredith could catch up on her kindergarten studies and we could also avoid the large crowds on vacation as well. Our trip consisted of visiting a Children's Science Museum in Springfield, hanging out at Branson Landing, going to Celebration City and seeing a show on the Branson Belle. All of the kids seem to have a great time too. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On this day, the girls' cousins, Carlee & Cydnee, and Aunt Carrie along with Papa O. made the drive over for Meredith's soccer game. They came over a little early to play before the big game which was fun. Here are a few pics of the afternoon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturday, October 6th

Let me tell ya, the girls had a big day on 10-6. First of all, Meredith played her buddies Katie and Grayson from church in a soccer game in the morning. Meredith's team, the Gators, started out strong but seemed to get tired and outplayed by the other team, the Sharks. Since we don't keep score I can't tell you that but they all did seem to have a great time. I was surprised because instead of Meredith and Katie playing aggressively against each other they were playing nice and I think were afraid to take it from each other. It was pretty cute. At one of the kickoffs we saw Katie putting her fists up at Meredith like she was really gonna get her. Another highlight of the game was that Grayson scored his first goal of the season and was pretty pumped about that. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The next thing the girls and I did was head to the Neumeier (sp?) pumpkin patch where the girls each picked a pumpkin and had their faces painted. This has become a little tradition of ours during the Fall and the girls just love it. It's a small pumpkin patch but it really suits their fancy.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sept. 30th Weekend - Football Games

Well, it's been a little while since I've posted anything so here it goes. The last weekend in September we took a road trip to Broken Arrow to take the girls to their first college football game (TU). We thought taking the girls to a TU game would be a good way to go for the first one because it's not near as big or as loud as a Razorback game since Meredith is not very fond of loud atmospheres. We also took Muffin on her first big road trip there as well (to my mom & dad's house, not to the game). So we leave on Saturday around lunchtime (after Meredith's soccer game) and get to my parents house about 2 p.m. or so. All is going well until I feel Alli's head around 4 p.m. or so and noticed she had a fever. So, my little Alli got to stay with my parents while we took Meredith to the game. We really did feel bad leaving her but she's probably not to the age yet where she really understands the whole thing and she just would have wanted to climb the bleachers which would have led to her getting hurt or throwing a tantrum so instead she got ice cream with Grandma & Papa. Anyway, we all had fun at the game and it was perfect weather and we left at halftime because we were all tired. TU ended up winning so all was good. I do remember a day when I would have died before leaving at halftime but those days are over. I do not have a picture because I intentionally left my camera in the car because I didn't want to lug it to the game. Believe it or not, I did not forget it.

So, instead of a picture of Meredith at the game I have a picture of Will at his first Razorback game that Patrick took him to. Patrick lugged in his camera so alas we have a picture! Let me tell ya, my nephew Will has a special talent and that is sleeping wherever and whenever he is tired. He slept through the whole first half of the game! Can you believe it? Any of you that have been to a Razorback game know that this is incredible with the loud band, crowd, pig sooies, etc. One of my favorite stories of Will sleeping is that of his time in Wal-Mart. When Becky was shopping Will fell asleep and I believe she had to prop him up with either paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper or something from the paper family. You get my drift. I think I could only dream of Alli falling asleep while we are shopping or at a game or basically anywhere besides the car or her bed (with me beside her, of course).

Back to Alli. She was still running a fever on Sunday and then proceeded to vomit (tmi?) Sunday night and her fever went back down on Monday. I guess at least she is scheduling her illnesses around Mother's Day Out days. That's a positive.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Addition to the Family!

First of all, I did want to mention that Meredith's soccer team is not and was not in trouble with the law. The pictured police officer in her picture below is their coach and was not there to arrest or write tickets. However, if the other team does play unfairly we can't promise them to be ticket or felony free. (just kidding, of course)

Okay, now it's on to the exciting news. We adopted a little Wired Terrier mix dog from the Poteau Humane Society (I almost typed human, that would have been interesting). Let me tell you that life is good right now (except Michael is out of town). I managed to get both of the girls to sleep in their beds by themselves (with Alli this is a miracle) with the help of lullabies blasting on both of their CD players in their room (I guess it's a good thing a bathroom is in between their rooms otherwise the mix would have been interesting) and the dog is asleep in her crate! I tell you what, our one year old little Muffin (named by the humane society) has been so good today (knock on wood). She had one accident today but the rest of the time she's gone outside and actually enjoys staying outside and hanging out some. Since I had a little bitty yorkie a few years ago this was quite a shock because our yorkie would much prefer to stay inside. She even went into her wire crate without even barking or crying. All it took was a little push and that was it. For some reason she is hesitant to go through doors without coaxing or just picking her up and moving her but I'm sure she'll get through that little phobia in no time. She was picked up by animal control in Poteau a few weeks back so I don't know her history but she is so sweet and just loves the girls (Michael is still questionable since he's not here). Anyway, unless there are some major changes in the dog I would highly recommend this as a way to get a new dog. You can find tons and tons of adoptable dogs on and this is how we found Muffin. By the way, you are getting a sneak peak of Muffin's new Halloween fashion wear with her little collar with ghosts and stars and I might add that it does glow in the dark as well.

Now if I can just get my little Alli through the diarrhea stomach virus she had tonight. I guess I'll just enjoy the moment and take things as they come.

By the way, Happy Birthday Patty!!!! The inlaws and the husband are all together in St. Louis for an AC conference.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Soccer & Teeth

Well, it's been an exciting week. Meredith had a soccer game last Tuesday night and Saturday morning and had fun at both games. You could tell the team was starting to come together a little more on Saturday since that was their second game. Meredith scored two goals in the first and three in the second I believe (but who's counting?). It was fun being back at the soccer fields watching games. Alli even enjoys going and cheering on her sister and her team, the "Gators". (I accidentally cheered for the crocodiles the first game and was promptly corrected.) I have included lots of pictures if you haven't noticed.

Last night a momentous even occurred at our household. I was in the office at the computer and Meredith comes out of her room with a concerned look on her face. I proceeded to ask her what was wrong and she said that she had a loose tooth from her ring pop. I then took a look at it and discovered that yes, it was indeed loose, but it was probably not as a result of the ring pop. I then exclaimed "You've got a loose tooth" and she then started crying (which was not the reaction I was expecting). I then, like any good mother would, suggested that she go show Daddy. Daddy then explained to her that the tooth fairy would come, etc. etc. and she then got excited and I piped in with "Let's call your grandparents" which she did which was pretty neat. I must say I was unexpectedly quite sad at this event (no tears though, just almost) and realize she is indeed growing up (I guess I was in denial). So, she headed to school this morning excited to tell everyone about her loose tooth and then when I picked her up from school today she just came over to me with a closed mouth smile and I knew what had happened. She then smiled big and opened up her hand and sure enough, there it was. She said she pulled it out in gym at the end of the day. So, to my pleasant surprise, that whole event just took two days and I figured I'd have to pull it out in the middle of the night because she would be scared. Kids are so unpredictable.

Now it's time to brag about my Alli. That girl only took about 2 days to be potty trained. I truly cannot believe it. I think it took Meredith 2 years (Just kidding, it just seemed like that). For those of you with second children I hope you have this experience. So, even though my little Alli is stubborn and strong willed she was a breeze to potty train. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Alli's off to Mother's Day Out

I apologize for the delay in posting but I've had a bit of a cold/allergies/whatever you want to call it so I've been a bit under the weather but I'm feeling much better now and I'm just down to a stuffy nose. Well, besides the cold it has been a nice couple of weeks. Last weekend I was able to go to my friend's baby shower in Tulsa. Adi is a friend of mine from college and this is her second baby so all of our college friends got together and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then headed over to Ida's house to hang out afterwards. It's always so nice to see my sweet friends from home and wish I could see them more. I'm hoping one of them will e-mail me a pictures of the even so I can post it (because as usual I forgot my camera).

The day finally came! Alli started Mother's Day Out (her school) at our church on this past Wednesday and she will go on Wednesdays and Fridays until school's out. She was very excited about going so she could go to "school" like her big sister. She really enjoys her teachers and I even heard she and Meredith playing school in their rooms today taking turns "being" their teachers. I take that as a good sign.

Meredith has her first soccer game on Tuesday evening so that's something we're looking forward to this week. I'll try and remember to take the camera so I have some pictures of the game.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chris' Birthday Party

Saturday was a pretty action packed day for us, girls. We headed over to Broken Arrow just for the day for my brother, Chris', 29th birthday party. My girls are always up to going to a party and we left daddy here to install a new kitchen faucet during his alone time. I must say that the trip over there was pretty terrible. About the time we got to Sallisaw Alli started hollering for her "blankie" which I forgot (not a smart move on my part). I thought, of course, that she was so tired that she would get over it and fall asleep but, that wasn't the case. I think she pretty much cried/fussed non-stop for the remainder of the 1 1/2 hours in the car. I then proceeded to a Broken Arrow baby store and quickly purchase a blankie of the same brand to get us through for the trip home later that night. Things were looking much better at this point. We then arrived at my parents house to find my grandmother there by herself and she said that my mom had to take my dad to the Urgent Care place for the pain in his shoulder blade (which he has bad back problems which are the root of all evil). So, we got to spend time with her, which was nice, but it was too bad we didn't get to see my parents while we there because they decided to send him to the hospital in case it was his heart. It wasn't, thank goodness, but you know how it is in the ER and he didn't get to home until about 8 p.m. that night. (So, please keep him in your prayers in regards to his struggle with the pain in his back). Anyway, at 5 p.m. we headed over to brother's in-law's house to the party. They have a swimming pool so the girls got to swim with their cousins, Carlee and Cydnee, which they loved and also got a pool side hair trim (gotta love that). I, of course, forgot my camera so when Carrie e-mails me some pictures I'll post them.

Meredith's first week of school went really well and no complaints from her! She was even okay with no talking in the cafeteria. I guess since she doesn't know any different, it's no big deal.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School!

Well, we made it! Today was the first day of school for Meredith and she loved it!! I asked her what she liked about school today and she pretty much mentioned everything - recess, snacks, (I like her first two) 3 walks, her teacher, swinging, etc. You get the point. I feel so relieved and I appreciate your prayers! I must say she looked quite stylish. (I've included pictures of she and teacher and some of her classmates as well.) Neither her nor I shed a tear either which was a bonus. I was so relieved to see how excited she was to be there. There was one little boy in her class that just cried when it was time to go in and it just broke your heart (along with his mom's). However, he looked like he recovered quite nicely when I picked Meredith up so that was a relief, especially for his mom.

After dropping Meredith off at school, Alli and I headed to her gymnastics, ran errands, got lunch and she fell asleep in the car. It was a hallelujah moment so I could rest as well since the night before was rough. Alli woke up at 3 a.m. screaming then Meredith woke up at 4:30 a.m. and came and got me as well. I then laid down with Meredith and waited for her to fall asleep so I could make it back to my room with the alarm clock so I wouldn't oversleep. I could tell she was a little nervous about school because it seemed like it took her forever to go to sleep.

Another day tomorrow!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindergarten Open House

The big night finally came. On Thursday night we got to find out who Meredith's kindergarten teacher was going to be and take her to see her classroom. She was so excited all day long and was thrilled with her new class and her teacher. Me, on the other hand, was a little depressed as far as how much elementary school has changed from my days. I was disappointed to find out that no talking was alowed at lunchtime in the cafeteria and that they are not allowed to celebrate birthdays. I guess the days of parties at every holiday and birthday are over. I asked about the procedure for meeting my child for lunch and they said that was fine to bring something in and you can eat out in the hall with your child (I guess so you can talk). I know they have reasons but it all seems a little institutionalized if you ask me. Another wake up call to me was waiting in line for a shirt behind a father that was wearing a Corona shirt and probably never tought anything of it. I guess that's the real world. Does anyone have blinders and ear muffs I can send my child to school with? The good news is that her teacher seemed very nice and the classroom is very cute and I'm probably worrying too much because this is my sweet sensitive first born (yes, I know I'm biased).

I'll keep you posted on Monday on how it goes and I'll post her cute little picture on her first day of school.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

On Thursday, Meredith and I dropped Alli off at their Grammy's house (Patty's) and we then spent a few hours together, just the two of us. We first headed to the Olive Garden where Meredith loves plain spaghetti and butter where I noticed several patrons enjoying her spaghetti eating style almost as much as I do. She doesn't want me to cut it up because she likes to pile as much on her fork as possible and then hold the fork up in the air while she sucks off each piece of spaghetti one by one. We then headed to a nail salon to get a manicure and a pedicure. I was a little nervous at first as far as how she would react since she has never set foot in a nail salon but as I suspected she absolutely loved it! She just ate up all of the attention (just like her mom does) and the nail lady even put little flower stickers on her big toe nails and each of her fingernails. I must say she felt quite like the big girl that day. Following our nail care we then headed to Hallmark for her to get another Webkinz (not that I enjoy playing on the computer with them as well, or anything) and we then headed to her new school. I wasn't able to go back with her to her screening but from what I understand they just showed her pictures to identify and other little games like that and she did great.

On Friday, I dropped both the girls off at Grammy's house (gotta love that Grammy) and went and tried "Dinner with TLC" out. A friend of mine at church highly recommended it and a couple from our church also opened a "Pass Your Plate" in Bentonville so I thought I'd try it out. If your not familiar with the process, basically you just sign up for several meals and you go to the location and they have all of the ingredients there, cut and ready, for you to put together several entrees and then you take them home and freeze them. I was quite impressed and I hope to be going once a month to this lovely and convenient place. Today we tried the Stromboli and we were quite impressed. I highly recommend it. Their website is for the Fort Smith location. For those of you in Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas, their website is

Saturday, the girls and I just hung out while Michael was working (anyone else notice the 100 degree heat?). Michael's cousin then came over Saturday night to watch the girls while we headed to the movies. We saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" and were quite impressed. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys lots of action. It was nonstop.

Well, I'm heading to bed. Good night!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update on Pacifier, etc.

Well, as many of you read in my previous post, I took the paci away from Alli and she was not very happy about it to say the least. The good news is that it has gotten much better. Nap time is still a struggle but I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm just glad it is over and now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Yesterday the girls and I headed to the Carmike Theatre to check out the Care Bears movie which is fun. As usual Meredith was scared of the villainous bear in the movie (there always has to be a "bad guy" in cartoons) and Alli wasn't bothered. It was nice because there was only 3 other people in the room so I didn't worry too much about Alli's wandering about. One time I thought she was going to leave out the Exit door but she eventually changed her mind and wandered back when she discovered she wasn't getting a reaction from me (that's what she lives for, I've decided).

Today we headed to the Park and the girls and I rode the train. The girls played on the playground for all of about 5 minutes due to the heat and then we headed towards a drive-thru for a drink. I think that's the first time they have ever been ready to leave a park. You know it's hot when that happens.

Tomorrow Meredith goes to her school for the kindergarten "tests" or whatever they do. I'm sure she'll do fine. I'll update you on her reaction to her new school.

Till next time,

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Swimming Lessons & Pacifiers

First of all, to all of my fans (I've always wanted to say that) I apologize for not posting in a while. I know you all have missed out on my very exciting life.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Meredith just finished two weeks of swimming lessons which she enjoyed. A little friend from her preschool class was in her swim group so they had a great time together. I'm not really sure if Meredith is ready to go swim the English Channel yet but hopefully there was some improvement. I think next year we're going to have to sign her up for a little more intensive type lesson. However, she did learn the phrase "Chicken, T, I" which I finally understood the next time we took her swimming. It's a very effective way for them to learn how to float on their back and the placement of their arms. We thought it was funny to say too.

My sister, Staci came to stay with me for a few days this week as well. She starts college (TU) on August 20th, the same day Meredith starts kindergarten (boo hoo). I can't believe my baby sister is going to college and my baby girl is going to kindergarten on the same day. Anyway, we had a great time with Staci and Meredith was more attached to her than ever. Aunt Staci stayed with her every night, which she loved, and played Webkinz on the computer with her too. Meredith now seems obsessed with it and I'm wondering what I've started by buying those little critters for the girls. They are awfully cute though.

Here's the traumatic news of the week. I took Alli's pacifier away from her yesterday (Friday). She took it mainly for sleep times but it made it no less traumatic for her. I bought her a Groovy Girl and told her it was for her not using the pacifier anymore which she seemed okay with. However, apparently it didn't actually "hit" her until bedtime. Needless to say, she was furious. (unfortunately she seemed to inherit her mother's temper) She probably screamed, kicked, hit, and hollered for over an hour nonstop. (Oh yeah, did I mention she threw the Groovy Girl across the room?) I purposefully didn't give her a nap in hopes she would fall asleep easier without it but this was to no avail. She finally conked out at 11:15 p.m. However, she then woke up at 2 a.m. screaming at the top of her lungs again. I'm talking about blood curdling screams and I'm not exaggerating. I don't know how long this went on but I fully expected the police to be knocking on my door investigating child abuse at any moment. It was that loud. I had already planned out that when the police did arrive I was going to ask them for any suggestions (I had destroyed all pacifiers so that wouldn't have been an option). Well, she finally fell back asleep and woke up this morning before 7 a.m. I was completely exhausted today. Thank goodness my parents came over to pick up Staci and let me take a nap. (Michael had to work today.) So, I changed my strategy tonight and just drove around until Alli fell asleep in the car and I laid her in bed at about 8:30 p.m. and she's still there, thank goodness. Now I probably just need to go to bed and pray that she sleeps through the night. I guess if I don't show up at church tomorrow you'll know what happened. I think if I make it through the next two nights we will be through it. UGH! (Yes, I know I should have done this a long time ago, but I didn't, so there.)

Good Night!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photography Session with Leigh Ann

Can I just tell you that I'm thrilled with the pictures Leigh Ann took tonight of my girls? If you haven't seen them, you must look either on her blog or her website (both links are listed on the side of my blog). However, seriously, I thought the mosquitoes were going to pick us up and throw us all in the river. We even put bug spray on but one of those sorry suckers bit me right on the middle of my neck. Nice. I can't even wear a tutleneck to cover it up. Oh well, it was worth the sacrifice. No pain, no gain. Anyway, I would highly recommend Leigh Ann to anyone who needs a photographer. It will be so nice to have beautiful photographs that look truly natural and capture the girls' personalities and that don't just appeared to be "posed."

"CARS" Movie Premiere at Church

On Sunday evening, July 22nd, there was a special movie "premiere" of "CARS" at our church for preschool and elementary age children and their families and let me tell you it was quite the event. They asked the parents to drop the children off at the sidewalk in front of the building where the movie was being shown and make their entry on the "red carpet". (In realty I believe it was a long piece of red paper taped to the sidewalk but it was cute nonetheless.) So anyway, we let Meredith, Alli and our nephew, Will, out of the luxurious white minivan and onto the "red carpet." Upon their arrival on the carpet they were given movie star sunglasses and the paparazzi took their picture. They were then ushered inside to some comfy beanbag chairs and given bottled water and popcorn. The kids had a great time. The movie got a little long for Alli so we took her outside for part of the time so she could eat a cupcake in true Alli fashion (eat the frosting off the top and then proceed to eat the rest). Then, once the movie was over, they had a drawing for prizes. They had some prizes designated for preschoolers and other prizes for elementary age. Well, wouldn't you know it, that little Alli got her ticket drawn twice. The first time was for playdough and then when her ticket was drawn the second time for the grand prize she was able to trade her playdough in for it. She won a good size "Lightning McQueen" car and she was quite excited. Meredith also won a little 5 pack of "Cars" cars from the movie. Unfortunately my little nephew Will did not win a thing (I guess he takes after his Aunt Jennifer). We felt so bad, especially, when he said "Uncle Michael, when are they going to draw my ticket?" UGH! Meredith was such a sport though and opened her package and let Will borrow a couple of her little cars and they seemed to suit him just fine.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

We made it to 10 years!

Well folks, that's right, Michael and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, July 19th. It's hard to believe 10 years has gone by so I guess what they say is true in that as you get older time goes much faster. In that 10 years, we've lived in an apartment in Tulsa while I was a paralegal at a law firm and Michael was an auditor for the now out of business, Arthur Andersen. We then moved to our "first house" in Springdale where Michael continued auditing for AA and worked at Tyson. It's so funny that during that time "before children" Michael and I would get in the strangest arguments and it's clear to see that children have made us a lot less selfish. However, don't get me wrong, we still have our share of doozies but in the end, it's all good which brings us to the time Meredith was born. Now, let me tell ya, it is a little stressful to have your husband decide he wants to work for the family business and decide to commute to work an hour away while the wife is big and pregnant, sell your house, build a house an hour away, in the meantime living in a cramped apartment in Springdale while I worked until Meredith was born. How nuts was that? But, we made it through it and looking back I think how blessed we were to even be able to sell and let along be able to build a new house. Anyway, that brings us to Dyer (outskirts of Alma) where I stayed at home with our oldest. We then decided it was to much of a hassle to live that far from work so we then sold our house by owner in two weeks (oh yeah, did I mention I was pregnant again?) and then find another house in the Fort quickly. Well, that brings us to the present along with our baby Alli's birth and we're still in the same house! I guess if I don't want to move then I don't get pregnant (not planning too). So, we celebrated the past ten years with a big trip in March and went to Doe's Eat Place (excellent steaks for those who are not familiar) on Friday night. Hmmm, I wonder what the next 10 years will have in store.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunday Night Social - July 15th

On Sunday night, July 15th, (yes, I know I'm behind in my posting) a Brett and Thurronda invited all of Adult 1 and 2 Sunday School classes over to their house on Sunday night. Bless their hearts! I don't know how many people came, but it was a bunch. I'm not talking just adults either, everyone's families were invited as well. I must say I don't think that is something I would want to conquer but it turned out great. I think everyone had a wonderful time with the water inflatable slide in the backyard and the hamburgers and hotdogs. I know my girls greatly enjoyed their gigantic playroom with all of the Barbies and other "girlie" stuff. Towards the end of the night, we were even entertained with Britton and his paraglider (I think that's what it's called) flying through the sky dropping down little parachute men on the children which thrilled them all.