Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fourth of July

Little did I know that I was possibly infecting my sweet family in Broken Arrow with the swine flu but through my aches and pains and not feeling well here are some pics I took. Luckily no one in that part of the woods caught it from me (Praise the Lord!) and as long as I was taking Aleeve I was doing pretty well. The girls, however, had a blast with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandma and papa with fire works and playing. Unfortunately I didn't feel well enough to attend my Dad's side of the family in Haskell on Saturday but maybe next year. They should really consider themselves lucky I wasn't there.

I then managed to pull myself together and we headed to Michael's parents for dinner that evening with Becky, Patrick and the boys. After dinner Michael started running a fever so we headed home relatively early.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sickness and Praise in the Household

It's been quite an exciting past couple of weeks here in the Atchley household. I started feeling quite sick like on the Thursday prior to the Fourth of July but as a Mom does I just kept on keeping on. I did stay in bed Thursday evening but then woke up feeling okay enough to take the girls to BA like I promised them I would do to see the family. I found that if I kept up with my "Aleeve" I could manage to feel okay to make it through the activities. (I'll post pics later). The girls and I then headed back to the Fort on Saturday to celebrate the holiday with Michael's family Saturday night. Michael had mentioned that he hadn't been feeling so great that day and so that evening at his folks he started running a fever so we headed home. We just assumed that we were passing around some cold virus. On Sunday we knew we had to fight on because we were all so excited that Meredith was getting baptized and Michael was doing the dunking! What a praise to have our first born child have the obedience to follow Christ's example and be baptized. We were thrilled! In the meantime Alli woke up Sunday morning with a slight fever so I loaded her up with Tylenol and we all went to church. I kept Alli with us so she wouldn't infect others. Anyway, below is the video of Meredith's blessed day. My brother's family, my dad and sister (my mom had MRSA infection in her toe from where she had a surgery (another story all together)), Michael's parents, and Aunt Susan and Uncle Giles. Okay, now back to the sicknesses, Alli continued to run a fever once the Tylenol ran out and then Meredith started in on Tuesday afternoon with a fever. Alli, to this day, is still running a fever so I decided to finally take them to the doctor yesterday to get them checked out. While we were there I had one of frequent coughing attacks, and the doctor said that it sounded like a flu cough. So, she tested Alli for the flu and it came back positive!! She then proceeded to share with us that it had to be the swine flu since that's the only strand going around right now. Can you believe it?! So, to all those that we infected, I apologize. We had no idea. Michael and I are no longer contagious since it has been a while since we've run fever but the girls are still running a low grade fever. I'm beginning to get cabin fever!! I've definitely got my fill of Hannah Montana episodes and other Disney shows. To be quite honest, I think this flu is probably more prevalent then we realize. Most people, like myself, who get over it rather quickly just assume it's a virus and don't go to the doctor or the doctor doesn't think to run a flu test. We had to get it somewhere! Good luck and I hope no one else gets it anytime soon!