Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Picture

The Friday before Easter I took the girls to Bedfords Camera Store here in town and got their pictures taken with the real bunnies.  Meredith is scared of the Easter Bunny at the mall along with Chuck E. Cheese or pretty much anything dressed up as a character other than the Disney Princesses, so that pretty much guarantees not a great picture at the mall.  She and Alli really love the real bunnies so it's a good time for all.  Unfortunately, Bedfords does not have a link on their website to look at their photo session (this is something they really should add) so I scanned one of the pictures in my old scanner that doesn't work very well (hint, hint Michael) and am posting it (hopefully).  Alli was much gentler this year with the rabbits and cooperated quite well.  In years past I've kind of felt the bunnies were a bit at risk with her holding them around the neck, etc.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bye bye Chickezie

Well, it's a sad day.  I was really hoping that Chickezie would be able to stay a little longer on AI but I guess it was his time to go.  I really missed it with the girls however.  Ramiele wasn't even in the bottom three.  Oh well.  I guess we'll see next week what Kristy can do to stay on another week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - 3-25-08

It definitely was Michael Johns' night to shine tonight on Idol.  I gave him my vote as much as I hate not to vote for Brooke (even thought I liked her performance as well).  I thought David Cook did a good job taking a risk but I was kind of confused by the whole thing.  It definitely was a different take on Bille Jean (I think that was the song he was singing).  Anyway, out of the girls I think possibly Ramiele is at risk for going home.  How many Heart songs have we heard this season?  I love the group Heart but I think it's been done already.  As far as the guys go, I thought David Archeleta's performance was very "peace" like.  However, the young ladies love him way too much for him to be at risk.  Chikezie is probably most at risk but I thought he did a fine job on Luther song.  I would agree with Simon that Kristy Cook was very clever in the "God Bless the USA" song choice and probably did save herself but I'd much rather see her go home before Chikezie just because of his likability factor.  Ugh, so for my prediction (I'll probably be wrong on this one) Ramiele will be going home.

We'll see tomorrow night!    

Friday, March 21, 2008

Broken Arrow Trip 3-14-08

Over the weekend (the beginning of Meredith's Spring Break) we headed over to Broken Arrow for cousin Cydnee's second birthday.  On Friday night (Cydnee's actual birthday) we headed to Los Carubas (sp?) for dinner with my brother and his family, my parents, and Carrie's parents.  It was a fun evening.  The wait wasn't too bad because Chris got there early to get our names on the list and they had a one man band playing.  At the time I broke out the camera to take the girls' pictures Cydnee was gone dancing on the patio to the music.  She's quite the little dancer.  Did I mention she turned 2?  Anyway, I got a good shot of cousin Carlee, Meredith and Alli while Cydnee was dancing.  Another great thing about the restaurant is they 
had a clown walking around to the different tables making balloon animals.  It was a life saver with Alli.  After we ate, my mom, me and the girls headed to the Bass Pro Shop which is located next door to the restaurant.   The girls always enjoy looking at the large fish in the aquarium there and pretended they were riding 4 wheelers.  

Saturday morning we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's for Cydnee's actual party which was fun. 
Cydnee was a lot more interested in checking out the games and dancing (yet again) to the Chuck E. Cheese band than opening her presents.  I'm sure she had fun with them later that day when there wasn't so many distractions.  

While we were spending time at my parents' house the girls had fun riding their bicycle and tricycle on their driveway which is much larger than ours.  It's nice that they have a place that they can actually ride their bikes without having to worry about getting hit by cars.
Well, Alli is screaming now (Meredith spent the night with Grammy & Papa) so I'll catch you all later.  Have a happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Idol Results - 3/19/08

I apologize for my delay in posting but I was out of town in Broken Arrow from Friday until Tuesday so I'm playing catch up.  First of all, can you believe that Carly was in the bottom three?  I was so surprised since I feel she definitely has one of the strongest voices in the competition.  However, I was relieved to see Rocker Girl leave tonight.  It's funny that even though she was definitely not my favorite, I can't help but feel sorry for them at this point when they get voted off.  Especially tonight since only the top 10 go on tour and for sure get that steady income and experience.  I know I didn't post it but I predicted that Kristy would go home tonight because I felt she had the weakest performance.  Amanda may not be able to sing a ballad but she can definitely work the stage better then Kristy.  Can anyone not just help but love Brooke?  Let me tell ya, I just love her.  She's one of those people you just wish you could know because she would probably be a great friend.  Hopefully she'll be able to pick a song that suits her better next week.

I'll try and get some pictures posted tomorrow of my niece Cydnee.  We celebrated her second birthday over the weekend and, as always, enjoyed spending time with my side of the family for a little while.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3-12-08 Results Show

Well, I just finished watching my recorded AI results show and I must say that I'm a little surprised.  When I saw that it was down to the bottom two being Kristy Cook and David Hernandez, I really thought Kristy was going home.  I definitely think that if David H. had a squeaky clean image that he wouldn't have been voted off tonight.  

American Idol - Top 12

I'm watching the performances that I missed due to the DVR mishap on as we speak.  However, I'm not sure if one or two are getting eliminated tonight.  If two are at risk I'm going to think Kristy Cook might be at risk, even though I didn't think the performance was as bad as some of the comments I've seen made.  It was definitely a country version all the way but I thought she performed as well as a country version could be.  I also feel  Ramiele Malubay had a pretty boring performance and she might be voted off as well.  The only guy I feel that is at risk of being kicked off David Hernandez.  I don't feel he has the "likability" factor as much now and his song was very standard and not near as good as the original.  The guys definitely ruled last night even though David Archuletta forgot some of the lyrics.

We'll see tonight!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, you guys are not going to believe this.  My stinkin DVR stopped recording AI about 1 hour 15 minutes into the show tonight.  So, the last performance I saw was Brooke White's.  So, basically, I'll give my run down tomorrow after I watch the rest of the abbreviated clips on the AI website.  However, out of the performances I did see, I think Chickezie (sp?) and David Cook rocked the house!  I also enjoyed Brooke White's performance but ugh, I was so nervous for her for some reason.  I guess it comes from piano contest playing days when I would always freeze up and forget the notes no matter how well I knew the song.  I guess I wasn't meant for the stage.  

Michael came down sick tonight too.  It seems like whenever the kids get sick he's always going to follow with a fever.  I have to be dying to run a fever (yes I know I've jinxed myself).  So, I'm ready for him to make a quick recovery because I appreciate his co-parenting skills, especially at bedtime.  I'm also going to question him regarding the DVR.  Seems a little fishy to me. 

Kite Pictures

My husband informed me that I have too much text on my blog and needed to add more 
pictures so here they are!  (Between you and me, I think he just wants to see some pictures of himself on the blog).  This is the kite that Meredith's buddy, Addy, got her for her birthday.

I hope you all are ready for American Idol tonight!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Results 3-6-08 & Alli Update

I can't believe I actually predicted the show's results correctly.  I did feel bad that I was correct regarding Asia'h because of the loss of her father.  I think we're also pretty pleased regarding Danny's departure.  He was a little over the top to say the least.

Alli is finally starting to feel better.  She didn't want to go to Mother's Day Out yesterday but I explained to her that we needed to move on with our lives and I desperately needed to go to Wal-Mart.  She's still coughing a little but I think the antibiotics have kicked it and she doesn't look like she's been run over by a freight train anymore.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol - Girls

Here goes my summary of the girls' performances last night.  I would never have dreamt that Brooke would have picked Pat Benetar (not as rocking of a version) and silly me, I didn't think of Joan Jett for Amanda.  I should have known!

So, with that, I'll start out with Amanda.  Yes, I thought she did a great job on the Joan Jett song but I don't see her selling millions of records as the "American Idol" this year but she can do great cover songs for other artists that have similar raspy voices.

I thought Asia'h Epperson did a fine job on the Whitney Houston song, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."  In fact, I thought she sounded just like her.  I wasn't crazy about that song when it came out and am still not but she did sing it well.

Next is one of my favorites, Brooke White.  I thought she did a great job on "Love is a Battlefield" and actually made it her own and didn't merely copy the original.  She is so likable that she better make it to the top 12.

Of course, Carly Smithson is my other favorite and I loved her performance of "Drove All Night."  Of course, I really like the song and I feel Carly by far has the best voice.

As you can tell, I love a lot of the songs from 80's night, I guess because I'm so familiar with them.  Another one of those songs are "Faithfully" by Journey.  I thought it was a very smart move of Kristy Lee Cook to put a country flavor on the song but it's hard to compete with the original.

Ramiele Malubay's performance of "Against All Odds" was good  but a little boring and it didn't stand out.  

Syesha Mercado's performance of Whitney Houston's song was very good and like Asia'h's performance it sounded just like Whitney which, of course, with this song says a lot more than the fast beat tune of Asia'h's pick.  I think it was to Syesha's advantage that the judge's seemed to be running out of time and weren't able to critique her to the extent that the others had been.  I think she'll make it to the top 12.

Finally there's Kady Malloy which I was not impressed with.  I feel like she had pitch problems throughout and wasn't up to par with some of the others.

So folks, this is a harder prediction for me than the boys.  But if I had to choose who I feel like should be going home tonight, I would have to go with Amanda (big surprise) and Kady Malloy.  However, I think Amanda's performance may have pulled her into the top 12 so I'm predicting that Kady and possibly Asia'h will be going home.  You never know though, I feel like Ramiele may at risk as well.  We'll see tonight!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol - Guys

Well, I just finished watching my DVR version of American Idol.  Alli has been sick since Sunday and we've been spending a lot of time together if you know what I mean.  I think since we have some similar personality traits it makes this very difficult and we often clash.  I'm ready for her to get well.  

So here goes the summary on the guys:

Luke Menard is one of the guys I feel will be going home on Thursday.  I feel he is talented, but come on, the Jitterbug????  Why would he choose this song?

Chikezie - I have really grown to like him and he just seems nice.  I really enjoyed his Whitney Houston song last night and I hope he will make it to the top 12.  I also liked his "embarrassing moment" with the whole bathroom story and how it was so clean and he wondered why there were no urinals.

Danny Noriega -  Ugh.  I really like the song "Tainted Love" but it was a little too feminine for my taste.  Please go home Danny.

David Archuleta - Lock for the top 12.  I did enjoy the Phil Collins song but I do agree with Simon in the fact he needs to change it up a little bit.

David Hernandez - What can I say?  He was one of my favorites and I was really bummed when the story came out about his stripper days.  I can understand being young and making poor decisions but he did it for 3 YEARS!!  Now, every time I see him I think "male stripper."  I think that his past will hurt him and talents wise he should make it to the top 12 but I don't know how far he'll make it after that.  His performance last night was not as good as the week before.

Jason Castro definitely had the best embarrassing moment story and especially because it involved his twisted hair.  He is very likable and has a sweetness (in a good way) about him.  I thought he did a great job on his song and it was nice to see him without the guitar.

Michael Johns - Somehow I forgot him last week so I made sure not to do it again.  I must say I do like the songs he chooses but I wasn't impressed with him last night.  I like the song but I thought the original version was much much better.  I think he has potential but he better be careful.

To sum it up, I think Danny Noriega and Luke should pack their bags.

As for Amanda Overmyer (rocker girl), I'm definitely seeing a Pat Benatar song in her 80's night future.  We'll see.

David Cook - I must say that his performance was my favorite of the night.  It was great and he has roots in Tulsa!  I really hopes he makes it to the top 12 and surely he will.  

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meredith's tea party!

Okay, I will come clean and those of you that live around here already know the answer but I did pay a couple of ladies that run a wedding chapel and throw these tea parties during the day at their chapel for the party.  I am definitely not that talented to pull something like this off nor do I pretend to be since I also paid these same sweet ladies a small fee to also print up the invitations.  

Anyway, Meredith and the girls had a great time and it was so fun to see them be little stars when they had the fashion show.  I can't believe my first born is six years old now and almost done with kindergarten!  YIKES!  

Saturday, March 1, 2008

American Idol Results Show

Okay, I admit it, my prediction was wrong for the girls but the two I did predict were in the bottom four so I was close.  I was really surprised that the young Tulsa girl was booted off because I really thought she would have a strong young fan base but since I'm not longer I teenage girl I guess I really don't know these things.  I honestly cannot believe the rocker girl is still on there.  She can sing such a narrow genre of music that unless it's a "Janice Joplin" week she's going to struggle.  Maybe all of the Harley riders are pulling for her.  Who knows.  I guess we'll find out next week.