Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On this day, the girls' cousins, Carlee & Cydnee, and Aunt Carrie along with Papa O. made the drive over for Meredith's soccer game. They came over a little early to play before the big game which was fun. Here are a few pics of the afternoon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturday, October 6th

Let me tell ya, the girls had a big day on 10-6. First of all, Meredith played her buddies Katie and Grayson from church in a soccer game in the morning. Meredith's team, the Gators, started out strong but seemed to get tired and outplayed by the other team, the Sharks. Since we don't keep score I can't tell you that but they all did seem to have a great time. I was surprised because instead of Meredith and Katie playing aggressively against each other they were playing nice and I think were afraid to take it from each other. It was pretty cute. At one of the kickoffs we saw Katie putting her fists up at Meredith like she was really gonna get her. Another highlight of the game was that Grayson scored his first goal of the season and was pretty pumped about that. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The next thing the girls and I did was head to the Neumeier (sp?) pumpkin patch where the girls each picked a pumpkin and had their faces painted. This has become a little tradition of ours during the Fall and the girls just love it. It's a small pumpkin patch but it really suits their fancy.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sept. 30th Weekend - Football Games

Well, it's been a little while since I've posted anything so here it goes. The last weekend in September we took a road trip to Broken Arrow to take the girls to their first college football game (TU). We thought taking the girls to a TU game would be a good way to go for the first one because it's not near as big or as loud as a Razorback game since Meredith is not very fond of loud atmospheres. We also took Muffin on her first big road trip there as well (to my mom & dad's house, not to the game). So we leave on Saturday around lunchtime (after Meredith's soccer game) and get to my parents house about 2 p.m. or so. All is going well until I feel Alli's head around 4 p.m. or so and noticed she had a fever. So, my little Alli got to stay with my parents while we took Meredith to the game. We really did feel bad leaving her but she's probably not to the age yet where she really understands the whole thing and she just would have wanted to climb the bleachers which would have led to her getting hurt or throwing a tantrum so instead she got ice cream with Grandma & Papa. Anyway, we all had fun at the game and it was perfect weather and we left at halftime because we were all tired. TU ended up winning so all was good. I do remember a day when I would have died before leaving at halftime but those days are over. I do not have a picture because I intentionally left my camera in the car because I didn't want to lug it to the game. Believe it or not, I did not forget it.

So, instead of a picture of Meredith at the game I have a picture of Will at his first Razorback game that Patrick took him to. Patrick lugged in his camera so alas we have a picture! Let me tell ya, my nephew Will has a special talent and that is sleeping wherever and whenever he is tired. He slept through the whole first half of the game! Can you believe it? Any of you that have been to a Razorback game know that this is incredible with the loud band, crowd, pig sooies, etc. One of my favorite stories of Will sleeping is that of his time in Wal-Mart. When Becky was shopping Will fell asleep and I believe she had to prop him up with either paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper or something from the paper family. You get my drift. I think I could only dream of Alli falling asleep while we are shopping or at a game or basically anywhere besides the car or her bed (with me beside her, of course).

Back to Alli. She was still running a fever on Sunday and then proceeded to vomit (tmi?) Sunday night and her fever went back down on Monday. I guess at least she is scheduling her illnesses around Mother's Day Out days. That's a positive.