Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limos & Razorbacks

Okay, the harrassment has begun by a dear sweet former co-worker and I'm not mentioning any names (Leisa) that I have not updated the ole blog in a while so here it is. To be quite honest, I've had some technical difficulty with my camera hooking up to my computer. For some reason, my computer isn't recognizing the camera so Michael burned my pictures on a CD for me so here we are!

The following is a post from a while back when I first realized my problem so now I've finally added the pictures to it.

Meredith was one of several top sellers of their fall fundraiser at their school and she got to go on a 15 minute limo ride (thank you to all of the "buyers" out there). I actually thought it would be a longer ride but nonetheless, she didn't know the difference so she had great time. Here in the large metropolis we live in we don't see many limosines around so I don't think she really even knew what to be excited about when I first told her that she would get to ride in one.

Another exciting event that we went to as a family was the Razorback basetball game when they played Missouri State. Michael's Uncle Alan received the tickets from a friend and wasn't going to be using them so he gave him to us (Thank you!) and they were on the first row behind the Razorback bench which was really neat. It wasn't a great view of the court but you could look up on the video screen for replays and the best part was seeing the team interact with the coach. The girls also got to see the mascots up close which was fun and Big Red gave the girls Big Red gum. I must say that one drawback of having two little girls is the fact that the mother always has to take the girls to the bathroom and when you have a bazillion stairs to climb in the basketball stadium it is quite exhausting and at some point I did think I was having a heart attack, not to say that I'm not in excellent physical condition. The positive was that I actually did lose weight that day from all of the exercise.